Friday, May 6, 2011

Georgia Tom Dorsey - The Essential

1. What's That I Smell 
2. Mississippi Bottom Blues 
3. Do It Some More 
4. Weary Money Blues 
5. Grievin' Me Blues 
6. Terrible Operation Blues 
7. We Don't Sell It Here No More 
8. Some Cold, Rainy Day 
9. Levee Bound Blues 
10. Eagle Riding Papa 
11. Been Mistreated Blues 
12. Where Did You Stay Last Night 
13. Rollin' Mill Stomp 
14. Ain't Goin' There No More No. 2 
15. It's Tight Like That No. 2 
16. My Texas Blues 
17. Devilish Blues 
18. That's The Way She Likes It 
19. Knife Man Blues 
20. Second Hand Love 
21. What You Gonna Do 
22. M And O Blues Part I 
23. Jive Man Blues 
24. M And O Blues Part II 
25. What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy? 
26. Maybe It's The Blues 
27. Hip Shakin' Strut 
28. You Got Me In This Mess (I Ain't Gonna Do It No More) 
29. Don't Let Your Mouth Start Nothing Your Head Won't Stand 
30. Blue Moanin' Blues 
31. Then My Gal's In Town 
32. Get The ''L'' On Down The Road 
33. How About You 
34. Christmas Man Blues 
35. Don't Drink It In Here 
36. Hard Time Blues 



  2. Great stuff. Thanks. Bought my first georgia Tom on Riverside in the UK in mid 60's.