Friday, October 28, 2011

Better Boot That Thing - Great Women Blues Singers of the 1920's

Alberta Hunter
01. I'll Forgive You 'Cause I Love You 
02. I'm Gonna Lose Myself Way Down In Louisville 
03. My Daddy's Got A Brand New Way To Love 
04. Sugar 
05. Beale Street Blues 

Bessie Tucker 
06. Fort Worth And Denver Blues 
07. Penitentiary 
08. Better Boot That Thing 
09. Bogey Man Blues 
10. Whistling Woman Blues 

Victoria Spivey 
11. Blood Hound Blues 
12. Dirty Tee Bee Blues 
13. Moaning The Blues 
14. Telephoning The Blues 
15. Showered With Blues 

Ida May Mack 
16. Wrong Doin' Daddy 
17. Elm Street Blues 
18. When You Lose Your Daddy 
19. Mr. Forty Nine Blues 
20. Good-Bye Rider 

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