Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reverend Edward W. Clayborn - Complete Recorded Works 1926 - 1928

01.  Your enemy cannot harm you 
02.  The gospel train is coming
03.  Let that lie alone (c-733) 
04.  Let that lie alone (c-734)
05.  There`ll be glory (c-737)
06.  Death is only a dream
07.  Let Jesus lead you
08.  Jesus will make it all right
09.  Bye and bye when the morning comes
10.  Jesus is sweeter than honey in the comb
11.  With my Saviour I shall be
12.  O lord, i`m in your care
13.  Everybody ought to treat their mother right
14.  Then we`ll need that true religion
15.  You never will know who is your friend
16.  In time of trouble Jesus will never say goodbye 
17.  A letter from father
18.  God`s riding through the land
19.  Men don`t forget your wives for your sweetheart
20.  If my saviour holds my hand i will go
21.  Jesus went on man`s bond
22.  I heard the angels sing
23.  I shall not be moved
24.  The wrong way to celebrate Christmas 
25.  This time another year you may be gone
26.  I have a home in the sky
27.  Just beyond the jordan river



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