Friday, May 20, 2011

Guitar Slim And Jelly Belly - The Back Porch Blues

01. Big Hip Mamma 
02. Good Boy, Long Way From Home 
03. King Kong Blues 
04. Sweet Woman Blues 
05. Friday The Thirteenth Blues 
06. Sorry Woman Blues 
07. Be Kind Blues 
08. Water Trough Blues 
09. That's All Right With Me 
10. She Can Shake It 
11. Doomed 
12. Rub A Little Boogie 
13. Goin' Back Home 
14. Big Hip Mamma 
15. Sorry Woman Blues 
16. Be Kind Blues 
17. Goin' Back Home 
18. It's My Desire 
19. River Jordan 
20. How About You 
21. It's My Desire 
22. Hide Me In Thy Bosom 



  2. Hi, I've been searching everywhere online for this album and have been unable to find it elsewhere. Could you possibly re-upload it? Thank you so much!

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