Monday, May 2, 2011

Butch Cage & Willie B. Thomas - Old Time Black Southern String Band Music

01. Bugle Call Blues  
02. Some Day Baby  
03. Mean Old Frisco  
04. The Piano Blues  
05. Hen Cackle  
06. The Dirty Dozen  
07. Rock Me Mama  
08. It Ain't Gonna Rain No More  
09. Easy Rider Blues  
10. Whoa Mule  
11. I Had A Dream Last Night (All I Had Was Gone)  
12. Careless Love Blues  
13. Sneaky Ways  
14. Since I Layed My Burden Down  
15. You've Gotta Move



  2. Guys... Further great thanks owed to you for so many posts that feature "Careless Love Blues" .. I have gratefully downloaded them and I am going to make a compilation up of all the great artists - blues an country who have covered this wonderful tune ...I love Eva Parker's version the best.. would you have a cd of her work by any chance? Anyway thanks so much for the opportunity to hear these other wonderful covers.. Queensland, Australia