Monday, September 13, 2010

Skip James - The Complete Early Recordings 1930

01.   Devil Got My Woman
02.   Cypress Grove Blues
03.   Little Cow and Calf is Gonna Die Blues
04.   Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
05.   Drunken Spree
06.   Cherry Ball Blues
07.   Jesus is a Mighty Good Leader
08.   Illinois Blues
09.   How Long "Buck"
10.   4 O'Clock Blues
11.   22-20 Blues
12.   Hard Luck Child
13.   If You Haven't Any Hay Get on Down The Road
14.   Be Ready When He Comes
15.   Yola My Blues Away
16.   I'm So Glad
17.   What am I To Do Blues
18.   Special Rider Blues



  2. Just a heads up...I love the blog and greatly appreciate your efforts. However, there was something in this file (asian characters?) that completely messed up my ipod. After a few hours I got it fixed, but just wanted to let people know. But thanks for all of the great music you've posted here!!!!

  3. Hey Maurofelipe76, thanks a lot for your comments i really preciate and sorry about your Ipod,lol. I check the file and yes..had some asian characters :S , I clean the file,upload again and test in my will not have problems with your list.
    Thanks again and let me know if you find something else, take care.